Networking Vs Connecting

Mar 30, 2020

Networking is about knowing more people.
Connecting is about knowing people more.

Read that again. Seriously, re-read it. Which would you rather be? The annoying person who just goes around handing out dated business cards (I’ll get to that part shortly) purely for self- benefit, or would you want to be the one who actually connects with the people they meet?

Business cards: Today business cards represent a $1.2 billion industry in the U.S.  However, out of the 10 Billion business cards printed annually, 8.8 Billion are thrown away within 1 week of being received.  You’re not connecting when you handout a business card, you’re not even really networking; you’re just wasting paper.

What are business cards anyway? They are a dated and analog method of sharing information; a method that falls flat in the digital and mobile world in which we now live. Think about it, when was the last time you cracked open a paper phonebook to look up a company or person? For that matter when was the last time you saw one? When you need to make a call and you’re not home do you go looking for a phone booth and hope you have a quarter to call someone? No, of course not. Just like phonebooks and phone booths, business cards are analog relics and should follow the former into the land of nostalgia.

We at Cleverly thought there should be a better way to connect. If you step back and think about it, today we have more contacts than ever, but have never been less connected. Chances are your contacts are all over the place. Many of the contacts in your phone are either outdated or incomplete and some aren’t even in your phone – they’re scattered across numerous social media and old email accounts; and it’s your responsibility for keeping everyone else’s information up-to date.

To fix that problem, we built the world’s first truly smart contact list & organizer to address needs that existing technology could not answer and move connecting from the analog age to the mobile / digital world.

Cleverly makes connecting quicker and easier than ever before by providing each user with an individualized QR Code that is “Always You”. Instead of passing out a tired old business card or asking someone for their number or email and having to manually enter it into your phone, you can now just scan the person’s QR code to connect with them and you will stay connected – even if their contact information changes.

Use your QR Code on your phone, on a business flier, on letterhead, vehicle wrap, etc…anywhere really. When a user scans your QR code Cleverly will automatically send that user a contract request.

Not sure you want someone to have your contact information immediately upon meeting them? We get it, neither would we. Cleverly organizes contacts into two tiers, “Contacts” and “Connections.” Connections are the more personal level, allowing full access to the data, while Contacts are for limited access. Users may input as much or as little info to their “MyCard” as they would like, including phone numbers, email addresses, social media handles, websites, bios, YouTube channels, and so forth.

Business accounts and public figures automatically share their full info with all Cleverly members, but this is a one-way-street; those entities will not have access to user’s information. Putting users in control of their privacy is one of the tenants of Cleverly.

Not sure you want someone to know any of your information upon first meeting them? No problem! Cleverly allows you to message in-app before connecting and sharing any personal information.

In short, we fixed the contact list, added smart messaging, gave each user a personalized QR code for connecting & even provided a space for sharing pics with those closest to you. Our goal is to change the way to the world connects and we’re thrilled to share this journey with you!